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Squire Fox believes in magic that comes from true human connections. You can feel that in his work as both a photographer and director. The interplay between Squire and his subjects brings a unique sense of honesty to all of his work – an honesty that gives us a fresh insight into the human experience.


Squire’s work is defined by a forward-looking sense of optimism. He takes what could be an ordinary moment and makes it spectacularly extraordinary. That comes from being genuinely invested and fully connected to his subjects. He’s on this journey with them, ready to capture the spontaneous beats of life that make even a polished image feel naturally observed. 


Also, legend has it, you can hear Squire’s big laugh from a block away. If you’re on sets a lot, you get why that’s a big deal. His enthusiasm is infectious and makes all of his sets super fun, positive and joyful places to spend the day. 


Everyone is invited. Squire’s work has always been driven by inclusivity – for Squire, diversity is a beautiful, true reflection of the world around us. That means diversity in front of the lens, on his teams and in every aspect of production. Squire’s core team is strong, efficient and bring with them years of experience.


Collaboration is wildly important for Squire. He’s fully committed to working closely with each department, from art department, casting, locations to hair and makeup teams. Being involved in every facet allows him to make the process smooth and unified whether he’s shooting stills or directing video. It also allows Squire to over-deliver, giving his clients visual libraries of content – more than they could dream of. 


Squire loves his job. Being a storyteller means meeting new people every day, traveling and collaborating on exciting projects. He spends his time between New York and Charleston, SC with his wife and creative partner, and their two amazing kids.