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Squire’s laugh and enthusiasm are infectious and inclusive, underlying who he is on set and in life.

Known for his authentic and graphically arresting images, Squire’s roots are in the American South; the romantic landscape of which can sometimes be seen as a backdrop for his spirited and soulful photographs. You can almost smell the ocean and the layers of the past rolling along behind his subjects. His father and grandfathers were all furniture makers, and his mother a charmer, a painter and a quintessential Southern hostess. He moved seventeen times while growing up, so he has the ability to embrace life’s experiences as they come and make meaningful connections with those he meets and the places he visits.

Squire’s images are about emotional connection and the easy times we experience with friends and loved ones, even if the relationship is only taking place on camera. In the polished yet casual world he creates, everyone is fully committed to living in the moment, as is he. 

Squire is based in New York City and has a home in Charleston, SC with his wife and two children.